We believe the best way for our initiatives to be successful is for the community to actively get involved. This is an easy and efficient way of contributing to the great work we do at

Single Mothers Matter.

Dance Instructors:

On Location

Single Mothers Matter is currently seeking Dance Instructors to teach any of the following dances: modern, hip-hop, jazz, step, ballet, gymnastics to kids ages ranging from 5-15. Instructors should be prepared to teach techniques and choreography to children with little or no dance experience. Our organization provides cultural arts experiences to children of single parent households in effort to teach new skills, enhance a personal sense of accomplishment, and to build stronger families and communities. Instructors should have a strong desire to help to make a difference in the lives of others.

Board Members:

On Location

Committed, passionate, and resourceful board members needed to help guide the organization. The organization is in phase one of start up. The ability to network and identify resources are necessary. Volunteers should be open-minded, forward thinking, respectful of others, take responsibility for outcomes, and a willingness to learn. Volunteers should be willing to commit time to fundraising, organizational planning, monitoring and managing financial resources, serving on committees, recruiting new board members, and participating in the organization's events and activities. Volunteers should be willing to give considerable time and energy to the organization, assess and develop the skills necessary to grow the organization, and a passion and commitment for the organizations mission and vision. Volunteers should be able to provide and execute ideas, involve others in the organization's mission, maintain integrity, and should be ready to work!!

Volunteer Coordinator:

On Location

The Volunteer Coordinator works under the supervision of the Executive Director. The Volunteer Coordinator assists in the recruitment, interviewing, selection, and retention of volunteers. Responsible for training, supervising, and scheduling volunteers. Coordinates and serves as the point of contact for volunteers at recruitment fairs and special events. Conducts new recruit orientations to include administering and reviewing orientation information, manages correspondence (schedules, forms, applications). Maintains weekly task assignment/status reports and volunteer database. Coordinates volunteer recognition programs and social functions.

Expert Speakers on Parenting, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurial Development:

On  Location

Single Mothers Matter is currently seeking expert speakers on the following subjects: parenting, financial literacy, entrepreneurial development. Experts are desired to teach the following subjects to single mothers at our determined location to equip and empower them to build stronger families. Your expertise, knowledge, and love could change the lives of single mothers and their children by providing the tools necessary for success in the applicable areas. Single mothers have many needs, much of which is information that could change the trajectory of the lives of them and their families. Will you commit to volunteer and share your time, knowledge, and encouragement with single mothers? Knowledge is power and sharing it is even more powerful when lives are changed as a result. Will you be a life coach to single mothers that have no direction for their lives, yet possess the potential for greatness? This is a great opportunity to change lives for generations.

Graphic Artist/Designer:

This is Virtual Opportunity

Single Mothers Matter is in need of a Graphic Artist/Designer to Design T-Shirts for our fundraising campaign. One of the ways that we will raise money for our organization is to sell t-shirts, sweat-shirts, hats, book-bags and more. It is our expectation that your designs will help generate funding to support our mission of helping single parent families. We have ideas in mind and are eager to incorporate yours as well. We ask that you be completely committed to the project.

Social Media Specialist:

This is Virtual Opportunity

Single Mothers Matter is currently seeking a volunteer Social Media Specialist to assist with our social media marketing campaign to include: developing relevant content topics to reach our target audience, developing our You Tube channel (interviewing various single mothers), and promoting our brand. The ideal persons will be passionate about the organization's cause, willing to become an administrator of our social media sites to help us to improve our brand presence in effort to attract new clients, donors, and supporters of the organization.

Event Planner:

On Location

Single Mothers Matter is in need of an experienced event coordinator with strong leadership skills to plan our first annual Be My Valentine Event, on February 14, 2019. The coordinator has the proven ability to execute the task with references to provide. The volunteer should have strong written and verbal skills, excellent phone communication, ability to work within budgets, high-energy, self-motivated, team player, problem solver and experience working with vendors. The event coordinator is willing to assume responsibility for leading the event, implement creative ideas, and possess the ability to work respectfully with organization leadership and execute it's vision. The Be My Valentine Event is expected to continue annually for the organization so high standards have been set to build upon.