Toastmasters Club

To all the Single Moms, 

Join Single Mothers Matter Toastmasters Club and unite with other like-minded single mothers with an ambition to pursue their dreams, passions, and a desire to become the best version of themselves. Toastmasters International is an educational organization that has existed for almost 100 years, designed to help people become more confident communicators, public speakers, and leaders. They have numerous clubs around the world and each club is unique in their own way. We created a club for single mothers, which is our uniqueness so that you can develop in a supportive environment of women that share many of the same life experiences. There are several Pathways that you can choose to develop in below. Come on and begin your pathway to success!

Dynamic Leadership

Do you desire to be the CEO of your own company?

Persuasive Influence

Builds interpersonal and public speaking skills.

Effective Coaching

Thinking about becoming a life coach?

Presentation Mastery

Improves your connection with your audience.

Engaging Humor

Are you an aspiring comedian?

Strategic Relationships

Helps you build personal and professional relationships.

Innovative Planning

Develops project management and innovation skills.

Team Collaboration

Develop team building skills.

Leadership Development

Is your goal to be promoted on your job?

Visionary Communication

Improves speech writing and speech delivery. 

Motivational Strategies

Builds connections with people around you such as your children.

Coming Soon!

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