Why Should I Attend a Support Group..

There are many questions that arise when you are considering joining a support group to include: Will I have the opportunity to share?, What will I say? How will I respond to others or vice versa? Will I be forced to speak? Will the group be to large for me to get my needs met? etc.. Although all of these are valid concerns, none of them are reasons that should prevent you from joining a support group. The following benefits are excellent reasons to join a support group:

Feeling less lonely, isolated or judged

Gaining a sense of empowerment and control

Improving your coping skills and sense of adjustment

Talking openly and honestly about your feelings

Reducing distress, depression, anxiety or fatigue

Developing a clearer understanding of what to expect with your situations

Getting practical advice or information about your issues

Comparing notes and learning about new resources

Understanding that others have the same experiences as you

All of us have fears of the unknown but, we should not let fear prevent us from pursuing new adventures that can positively impact our lives and the lives of our families. Fear is false evidence appearing real and is really designed to keep us from the great opportunities that we need and desire. Let's address some of the above concerns. Although participation is encouraged, no one can make you share in the group. Truth is that observation and reflection are powerful learning tools that can impact us greatly therefore, not speaking or sharing is not always needed in effort to get the answers of help that you need. Often times, questions or thoughts come to us in the midst of a discussion, so we need not worry about what we will say in advance. Large groups of people eventually seem small once we become comfortable and begin to interact with others. In addition, you can also learn personal boundaries and how much to share, communication skills, obtain support from others, and receive interpersonal feedback, encouragement, and more.

Single Mothers Matter support group is waiting for you! You will not be disappointed that you became a participant. The lives of you and your families will be enhanced as a result. Check our events calendar for times and locations. Can't wait to meet you...

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