Single Mothers Are Not the Problem

There is a consensus in this country that directly links single mothers to poverty and blames them for high poverty rates. The idea that poor people do not not use contraception and have babies out of wedlock, increases the poverty in our country is inappropriate. According to this article, our country has decided to blame you, single mother, and stigmatize you as opposed to helping you in greater ways as other rich democracies has chosen to do. Some countries have decided to make better provisions for single mothers concerning issues of childcare, healthcare, tax credits and more. The truth is that these countries embrace a principle located many times in what some refer to as the blueprint for life, the bible which gives instructions for the widows (women without husbands) and orphans (fatherless children) to be cared for. Single mothers you are considered a modern day widow and your children are modern day orphans in God's eyes; that are to be cared for. We establish our lives and actions on the principles that we believe and the truth that we know. The facts of the article states that if the number of single mothers in our country today significantly decreased, the poverty rate would still be high. Therefore #SingleMothersAreNottheProblem. The truth is that we must support you and your children and not shame you and make it difficult for you to live. #SingleMothersMatter

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