Redefine Thanksgiving as a Single Mom

The holidays can be tough on any single parent, especially when you’re going through parenthood solo as a single mother. As we get closer to Thanksgiving, this is not the time to trouble yourself with the burdens that single parent hood brings. Instead, use this time to really focus on all that you’re thankful for and finding the silver lining.

Like any single parent on any given holiday, it should be what you make of it. You should redefine what Thanksgiving means to you as a single mom. We all see the commercials and ads telling us what a “normal” Thanksgiving looks like with a picture-perfect nuclear family of a two-parent household. However, a single parent household is normal too. Yes, it may be missing the presence of a second parent but that doesn’t mean your Thanksgiving is less special.

As a single mother, you’re redefining parenthood and learning everything on your own. Have you ever considered redefining special holidays to make them special and unique just for your family? It’s worth a try and who knows, you may start new family traditions that are outside the typical Thanksgiving tradition.

Start new traditions.

When it comes down to Thanksgiving there are common traditions that many families share like gathering at a relatives house and having a big dinner. If you aren’t feeling up to spend a lot of time with the entire family, consider splitting time between the whole family and just you and the kids. A new tradition that you can start is taking the kids to see a movie. Research what restaurants are open Thanksgiving and go out for dinner. You can also plan fun arts and crafts Thanksgiving projects for you and the kids to do every year.

Host a Friendsgiving.

Friendsgiving is a relatively new way to spend Thanksgiving where friends (who feel like family) get together for the holidays. This would be a great opportunity to get together with your friends who are single parents and start a new Friendsgiving tradition.

Let the kids decide.

I know as parents we have to be in charge, but when it comes to creating memories for our children it’s nice to let them guide us for a change. Instead of cooking a full Thanksgiving spread, have the kids decide what they would like to be on the menu. This could save you a lot of time cooking in the kitchen and more time with the kids. Who knows they may prefer pizza!

Do some self care.

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest holidays of the year. When you take into account the shopping, cooking, and preparation there isn’t much me-time in the day for you. Use the holiday as a day of relaxation. If the kids are spending the holidays with their other parent, don’t feel too depressed on being alone. Let that free time turn into mommy time and pamper yourself, you deserve it.

Get creative.

Have you ever thought to decorate the house with Thanksgiving decor. Theme decorations is a great way to get in the holiday spirit and get the kids excited. Stop by your local craft store (Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, etc.) and pick up a few items to put up around the house. Make a day out it and let the kids pick out a few things to help you decorate the house.

You don’t have to dread the holidays as a single mom. You don’t have to go above and beyond making it special either. Sometimes it’s easier to keep things simple and comfortable because it works better for you and your children. Remember, you have the power to redefine what the holidays mean to and your family. Make it special, make it memorable, make it yours.

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