Single Mother Returns To College After Help From Stranger

As we approach the holidays, some of us are facing hardships and struggling to find a little joy to get us through the day. Here is a story that will lift your spirits and speaks to the strength of single mothers.

Latonya Young, 43, is a single parent of three boys and dropped out of high school after having her firstborn at 16-years-old.

Two children later, she still kept her focus on completing her education and obtained her GED. She later enrolled at Georgia State University to receive an associate's degree in criminal justice.

Unfortunately, Young suffered from a foot injury in a car crash and fell behind on GSU payments and could not re-enroll.

By chance, Young picked up Kevin Esch doing her side job as an Uber driver. Through sharing their life stories, Young learned Esch was newly divorced and Esch learned Young was a single mother of three who had trouble paying student debts to finish college.

One day Young received a text from Esch that she never saw coming: her former Uber passenger paid off her $700 GSU debt. She called it the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her.

This story is a testament that your trials and tribulations can touch the hearts of people who you don't even know. You are not alone even though you feel that are more times than not. Please take a moment to read this story and know your story is still being written.

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