Single Mother New Year's Resolutions

It is now 2020, not just an entire new year but a new decade. What was 2019 like for you? How much has your life changed in the past 10 years? Did it improve for the better? Or maybe you feel life has gotten worst. Either way, a new year is here with 365 days of change and fresh starts.

Yes, change can happen any day at any given moment. Believe it and take action on the life that you vision for yourself. Don't limit yourself from doing anything. Know that God can do anything and with faith, you can too. What are some goals you fell short of accomplishing in 2019? If those goals are still attainable, set plans to achieve each one this year.

Do you have any new year resolutions? Take the time to make a list of resolutions that you want to resolve this year. It's perfectly fine to create new New Year's resolutions each year. Growth and wisdom come with time and a lot of growth can happen in a year. Don't be afraid of what the new year will bring; instead, look forward to growth.

Happy New Year!

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