A Single Mother For the Holiday

The single mother journey is full of highs and lows, and; maybe you're in low days right now. We're here to remind you that low days won't last too long. You are a bit pessimistic because everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. You're wondering why you're experiencing this parenting struggle. With Christmas right around the corner, being a single mother during the holidays is a hard fact to face. But it's your reality.

The reality of being a single parent during the holidays can be daunting as you figure out how to make it the perfect holiday for the children. There's also the reality of having shared custody and maybe this holiday the children are with the other parent. Not having the children for the holidays is a tough pill to swallow because you may feel alone and experience depression with the children gone.

If you find yourself lonely or depressed during the holidays, tell yourself that bad days don't last too long. See your life from a different perspective and understand that the picture-perfect family that we see promoted everywhere around Christmas is not the reality for many families. It doesn't mean that your holiday won't be wholesome just because your family is not a whole. It simply means that your story is just that, your story.

We're here to tell you don't stress out over what you feel this Christmas should look like; instead, find what this Christmas means to you.

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