10 Christmas Traditions Ideas for Single Moms

This may be your first Christmas as a single mother or recently divorced. Or maybe you're familiar with being a single parent over the holidays. No matter your situation, this Christmas can be a special one for you and the kids. Have you ever thought of what ways you can make the holidays special to your family with Christmas traditions?

What makes Christmas traditions great is that you can make them unique to your family. Your family is unique; so, why not let your traditions reflect that about you. Traditions also create experiences that become generational. What you start today can be passed down for the holidays to come. 

Being a single parent over the holidays doesn't mean you can't have that happiness you see advertised everywhere you go. It's in commercials, magazine ads, and television. Just because you don't have that tv family doesn't mean that your family can't have a perfect Christmas.

Check out these 10 holiday traditions that can help make your Christmas special.

  1. Make Christmas cookies. - Making Christmas cookies is one of the most popular traditions to do over the holiday. Find a recipe you and the kids love and start baking. In case you're unsure of where to start looking, here's a Pinterest page full of recipes.

  2. Create DIY ornaments. - Yes, you do have a creative side. The kids will so much fun decorating the tree with ornaments they created. Plus, you get to keep them as keepsakes and put them on the tree every year.

  3. Do fun at-home Christmas activities. - Have you ever thought to create Christmas cards instead of buying them? This fun project is a great way to add a personal touch to your holiday cards.

  4. Go out and volunteer as a family. - Christmas is a time to share love not just with our family and friends, but those in need too. Find a charity that's hosting an event and sign you and the kids up as volunteers. This is a great way to show them how to be apart of and give back to the community.

  5. Take a drive to see decorative houses. - Growing up, I loved it when my mother and I would drive around neighborhoods looking at houses that went all out in decorating their yard with Christmas decorations.

  6. Wear matching pajamas as a family. - This may sound corny, but it's such a cute idea. Finding the perfect family pajamas is much easier because it's become a popular trend in the past few years. You can also wear them in your family photos and put them in your Christmas cards. You can even include the photo in an ornament.

  7. Watch a family favorite movie. - What's your family's favorite Christmas movie? My family and I watch "A Christmas Story" the entire day.

  8. Start recording home movies. - As you create new traditions, it's highly recommended you capture these moments to go back and watch. Find an affordable camera (or use your phone), hit record and let the memories happen. Make sure you upload the footage to a storage drive to prevent it from getting lost or accidentally deleted.

  9. Open a present on Christmas Eve. - Have the kids started to peek at the presents at least 10 times a day yet? It's okay to give in a little. Have them open one gift on Christmas Eve to satisfy their excitement until the big day.

  10. Go to church on Christmas day. - If the church is a big part of your life have you and the kids start the day with some praise and worship. If you aren't that active at church, find one that fits your family and start making a tradition of going every Christmas.

These 10 traditions are a great place to start if you want to make sure you and the kids have an amazing Christmas year after year. Remember, you got this mama.

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