About the Founder

Shonda Anthony is the founder of Single Mothers Matter. Her desire to support single mothers and help them become esteemed is both a calling and a direct reflection of experiences in her own life. Shonda became a single mother after her divorce in 2004 and knows all too well that hard work, skills development, and self-growth are pathways to success.

Shonda has faced many life-altering challenges while raising her children, yet she always found the strength to persevere and endure. Throughout her journey, she always held close to her dream of transforming single mothers' lives. Although society often devalues and blames single mothers for the familial unit's downfall, Shonda knows that this is far from the truth. She believes single mothers are adept in many ways that may not always seem obvious, and as an underrepresented group full of talent, Shonda is committed to reminding them that their lives matter. Her desire: to provide single moms with resources and development that will cultivate their talent and bring to life their God-given dreams.