You have the right to confidentiality and privacy by the group leaders and other group members. Confidentiality within the Single Mothers Matter Support Group is a shared responsibility of all members and leaders. While group leaders may not disclose any communication or information except as required by law, group members' communications are not protected. As such confidentiality within the group is based on mutual trust and respect.


As a member of this group, I agree not to disclose to anyone outside of the group any information that may help to identify another group member or their communications. This includes, but is not limited to, names, physical descriptions, biological information, and specifics to the content of interactions with other group members.



  • Be on time.

  • Practice respect for yourself and others.

  • Respect cultural differences, diversity, and perspectives.

  • Everyone participates.

  • Support group members.

  • No ridiculing or mocking

  • No profanity.

  • No phones.

  • No put-downs.

  • Be mindful of time so that others can speak.

  • Accept constructive criticism gracefully.

  • Listen without interrupting others.

  • Everyone must have their video camera on during the meeting