Making A Difference

Holding Hands

           Career and Life coaches are available to mothers that need help with determining the direction that they aspire to pursue in their career or life in general.  We understand how effective professional coaching can be when mothers are making life altering decisions that impact the future of their families.  Therefore, certified life coaches are eager to cultivate relationships and help mothers develop action plans that will ultimately enable them to experience new careers and fulfill passions and life purpose.



          Parenting is both instinctive and it requires that parents aqiure skills.  Single parenting demands can seem insurmountable and can cause parenting to be difficult for some mothers.  In addition, children also encounter many challenges in today's culture that many mothers did not experience as a child.  Finally, many mothers were the recipients of poor parenting which consequently did not position them to succeed.  It is for these circumstances and more that Single Mothers Matter provides parenting education and develops skills in mothers that empowers them to be the caregivers that they desire to be.



             Financial literacy classes are available to both mothers and teens and provide awareness to several key areas that are essential for families to live a financially independent life.

Topics include:

  • The Importance of Obtaining Checking and Savings Account.

  • Managing & Repairing Credit.

  • Budgeting & Living Within Your Means

  • Preparing for Home Ownership.

  • Dealing with Debt.

  • Investing & Giving Back.

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