A Distinct Identity

From My Heart to Yours,

God really has a heart for you, single mother. Years ago, He gave the name and vision to me, the founder, a single mother of two and allowed me to experience many of the challenges that you face today. Single Mothers Matter understands that as a single mother you deal with financial stress, fatigue, guilt, and feeling alone while caring and providing for your children. It is for these reasons and others that Single Mothers Matter and its programs were designed to help you overcome each of these challenges and more. We understand the importance of providing and identifying resources for the immediate needs that you encounter in addition to needing guidance to make difficult decisions when the pressure of being the sole provider and decision maker is upon you. Our life and career coaches
desire to help create a sense of meaning and aid in making great life decisions at no cost to you. Often, life presents a series of obstacles and hardships that create a desire to give up and leaves you feeling hopeless. Single Mothers Matter is here to provide encouragement, be a listening ear, a support system, and a network of resources to make your journey easier and to help your life get increasingly better in the course of time. This is who we are, and we ask you to trust and let us help you navigate through the tough places in your life. It is our desire to build a relationship and become your extended family forever.

Shonda Anthony, Founder